Roasted Cherry Tomatoes To Get Back On Lo-Co Track

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I don’t know about you, but when life throws me curveballs, my lo-co lifestyle gets flattened.

From blog technical issues to family-member health crises to having a college kid home for the summer (and the requisite, very stressful conversations that include: “why do I need to tell you what time I’ll be home,” and “I can’t get home by 2am” among other gems) let’s just say I’ve not been cooking.

OK, let’s tell the truth: several times a week this summer, my routine was a 3 mile fast-paced walk for exercise followed immediately by dinner at Shake Shack.


Freedom Equals Dining Out?

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Who knew that dropping off your one and only child at the airport for his freshman year of college would spark a spate of eating dinner out every night since he’s been gone.

So not lo-co.

So fun.


We dined out even though I actually drove myself across town to Stop & Shop and purchased ingredients for 2-count-em-2 dinners. (I have just now trashed the fresh kale, broccolini, and already-skewered teriyaki skewers purchased on Monday; luckily the turkey polska kielbasa will hold. Probably indefinitely. Which is a scary something I need to consider as my Hillshire Farms turkey kielbasa obsession rages on.)

On my son’s last next-to-last-night at home,


The Lo-Co Burger-Off

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Combine my inability to plan nightly low-cholesterol dinners (all right, any dinner) and the need to feed a teenaged boy who plays sports, and the all-too-frequent result is dinner at a burger joint.

So not lo-co, I know.  But it happens.

Worse, it’s happening more regularly because the famous ‘Shake Shack’ (chef Danny Meyer’s take on fast food) just opened in our town.  We’ve been there a few (ahem) times.

I decided it was time to think about this…not just pretend it wasn’t happening. So I tabulated the nutritional info of what I usually eat at the three burger places we like: Wendy’s,