Freedom Equals Dining Out?

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Who knew that dropping off your one and only child at the airport for his freshman year of college would spark a spate of eating dinner out every night since he’s been gone.

So not lo-co.

So fun.


We dined out even though I actually drove myself across town to Stop & Shop and purchased ingredients for 2-count-em-2 dinners. (I have just now trashed the fresh kale, broccolini, and already-skewered teriyaki skewers purchased on Monday; luckily the turkey polska kielbasa will hold. Probably indefinitely. Which is a scary something I need to consider as my Hillshire Farms turkey kielbasa obsession rages on.)

On my son’s last next-to-last-night at home,


Better Than Salad at Wendy’s

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Dining out lo-co can be a challenge – especially if you find yourself at a fast food joint. Yes, of course, you shouldn’t be there, but if you are going to dine fast-food style (and you know you are), there are some good lo-co choices.

And it’s not just salad anymore.


Last week, my son and I were finishing up our it-feels-like-1000-doctors-he-has-to-see-before-he-leaves-for-college expedition, and we had 2 appointments in one day and an hour to kill.  And it was lunchtime.  Naturally we went to Wendy’s.

Now, I was all set to order their Apple Pecan Chicken Salad,


Turkey Kielbasa vs Hot Dogs vs Hamburgers

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With my recent Turkey Polska Kielbasa obsession still going strong (see post: A Stealth Lo-Co BBQ Choice), I thought it wise to get more info about all this kielbasa I’m eating. Specifically: is it a better BBQ choice than a hot dog or hamburger?

And the answer is a resounding YES.

Here’s how Hillshire Farm’s Turkey Polska Kielbasa stacks up lo-co wise with those other BBQ staples: hot dogs and hamburgers.  All data is for the protein only — no condiments, no buns.  Just the meat.  (And yes, sadly, I am now once again singing the hysterical Hillshire Farm ‘Go Meat’


A Stealth Lo-Co BBQ Choice

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This July 4th, I was pondering a BBQ grilling menu.  Yes, of course, grilling fish alongside the hot dogs and hamburgers is the correct lo-co option, but I eat a lot of grilled fish – and I think even my friends are bored of my tasty but predictable fish entrees.

Luckily, a totally NOT lo-co lunch at the house of my bacon-loving friend Chris a few weeks ago fueled my recent kielbasa obsession.  There we were, discussing what to eat for an impromptu lunch, when she opened her fridge and said, “I could grill some kielbasa.”



How I learned – well, am learning – to love salad

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Salad is a smart lo-co choice: lettuce offers important cholesterol-lowering fiber and it can be topped with fresh vegetables and topped off with the crunch of cholesterol-lowering almonds.

The problem is – I have never liked salad.

But I’m warming to it.

The reasons I dislike(d) salad are many.  First and most important, as I’ve posted before, I like my meals hot – and no matter what you do to salad, hot it’s not. Though, topping a salad with strips of hot grilled chicken – or fish – does make it a tad more enticing as a meal.