A Cholesterol-Lowering Approach to Food and Exercise

Why High Cholesterol Increases Heart Disease Risk

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In my role as cholesterol “Category Expert” for www.answers.com, I recently answered a question sent in by an Answers reader that I was surprised to find I’d never expressly addressed here on my blog:  “Why does high cholesterol lead to heart disease?”

Here’s the answer I posted: you can read it on this page of wiki.answers.com, or I’ve pasted it here as well:

Once you look at the definition of cholesterol, it’s easy to see why high cholesterol can cause heart disease.

The National Institute of Health defines cholesterol as, “a waxy, fat-like substance that’s found in all cells of the body.” Cholesterol in and of itself is not bad – in fact,


Answers Q&A

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As you may know, as “cholesterol expert” I’ve written many articles for Answers.com, which you can find in two places. First, on the cholesterol page of the Answers.com site. Also I have all the articles listed by title on the “Answers.com Published Articles” page on this Going Lo-Co site.

And now, new news…

This week, Answers.com added a new page to their site: a Q&A with me.  Of course, if you have cholesterol questions, you can always email me/comment right here on the Going Lo-Co site. But now you can also ask me a question (but not,