How To Bake Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts

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It was a two-chicken week this week.

First, there was the baked chicken with great flavor, that was sadly ruined because the chicken was dry and overdone.  That sent me to the internet where I did a lot of research. That led to chicken number 2: a different recipe (but still baked) and the result was delicious chicken: not overdone or dry at all.


This chicken foray all started began because my mom was planning to make pot roast for out-of-town guests.

Yes, pot roast.

She was throwing a casual dinner party for out of town guests,


Eric Ripert’s Toaster Oven Chicken

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A recipe to make chicken in a toaster oven, by renowned 4-star chef at Le Bernadin, Eric Ripert? Can you say oxymoron? But wait, there’s more. I stumbled upon this recipe in that oh-so-high-end weekly, People magazine.

Naturally, I had to try it.

Especially since I’ve been so miserable about breakfasts, now that I’m ‘off’ my bagel and lox routine. And still not happy with oatmeal.  I needed a win this week, and to my amazement, this recipe delivered.

I’m not sure why I’m so surprised – it does have Eric Ripert’s name on it.


Panini Magic

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Kitchen gadgets are big in my family.  Though truth be told, I’ve gone a bit too far.  Like, approaching hoarders territory.  I can’t believe I’m going to admit this, but we have a ‘magic closet’ where the oh-so-many large and/or not-often used cooking tools live (like my stash of huge, medium, small and mini crock pots – yes I have 4, yes that’s embarrassing.)  It’s like a clown car in there.

But by far, the most fabulous kitchen gadget I own is a panini maker.  It is not jammed in the magic closet – no siree!  My wonderful Cuisinart Panini Press has got pride of place,


Easy Bake Oven, Mom-Style

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What’s great about roasted chicken is that it’s both a healthy lo-co meal PLUS it’s the ‘dinner that keeps on giving’ with terrific leftovers.

But I rarely serve it because the store-cooked chickens are always dry, and…well… actually roasting a chicken is awful.  The sticky process of tying down the legs, the horror of reaching into the cavity for the giblets. And the guilt when you toss the carcass rather than making soup.  Because who does that, really?

So basically, I never roast a whole chicken.

But there I was at Stop & Shop last week,