What’s worse: a mayo sandwich or school lunch?

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The fact that I used to eat the occasional mayonnaise sandwich – on Wonder Bread – might have something to do with my current cholesterol problem.

Or it might not, as high cholesterol runs rampant in my family.

That said, I’m sure it didn’t help that I truly did eat mayo sandwiches in grade school, then graduated to ‘kosher salami on white with mayo’ in high school (my best friend’s brother was so horrified, he phoned his parents at what the crazy shiksa girl was eating…but that’s another story.)

Now, of course, the thought of a mayo sandwich is truly revolting.


A so-not-lo-co post about a book

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A brief post that has nothing at all to do with Going Lo-Co. Rather, it’s about my other passion: reading/writing.

Recently, I reviewed Amor Towles’ new novel, Rules of Civility, for the BlogHer Book Club (#BHBC).  I loved this book — Towles’ deft prose and vivid scene setting made 1930s Depression Era NYC come alive. Oh, and the characters and plot were fabulous too.

For those interested in books you can read my review, Rules of Civility: It All Goes Back to the Jazz Club, here – and there are other reviews as well.

For those not into books,