Amazing Heart-Healthy Broccoli Salad

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If your family is like mine, the ‘Broccoli Salad’ brought to family events is a dish laden with mayonnaise and sugar, not to mention bacon. Delicious, sure, but not at all heart-healthy.

Photo: Cookie and Kate

Recently, a friend brought Cookie + Kate’s Favorite Broccoli Salad to a dinner party and I was WOWED.  Not only was it delicious, I loved it even though the recipe includes raw red onion, which I ordinarily despise.

My friend Lisa, who made this dish, explained her take on the recipe: she always makes the dressing the day before (or at least many hours before) and adds the onions to the dressing. Marinating those raw onions tames their bite!  She also uses feta instead of cheddar, one of the options suggested in the recipe.

This heart-healthy recipe is bursting with flavor. As Kate explains, “Who needs mayo when you have creamy and tangy honey-mustard dressing?”

And even better: two ingredients in this Broccoli Salad—beyond the heart-healthy broccoli—are also heart healthy! You can’t go wrong whether you choose almonds or sunflower seeds for your version: both can help lower cholesterol. Read about almonds here: Cholesterol: Top Foods to Improve Your Numbers, and sunflower seeds here: 4 Amazing Health Benefits of Sunflower Seeds.

One prep shortcut. At first I sliced the floret stalks then was carefully separating and then cutting the florets as if I were going to steam them. It was taking forever (and prep is not my fave thing). Then I realized – wait, even the florets are diced in Kate’s photo. So then I adjusted: Just start with thin slices at the base of the floret and then keep slicing right through the florets!  It’s much faster and easier. So have at it (carefully of course)!

You can either make the dressing hours or a day ahead and marinate just the raw red onions, as my friend Lisa suggests. You can see here that’s what I did. And bonus tip for minimizing dish washing: use the measuring cup to create the dressing then add in the red onion and let it marinate.

Or you can make the entire dish hours or the day before, as Kate suggests.

Either way, even picky eaters (and those of us who don’t like our onions raw!) are going to love this delicious, heart-healthy broccoli salad!

Here’s a link to the recipe again:  Favorite Broccoli Salad.

And here’s how mine turned out:


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