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One way to prepare for a week’s worth of heart-healthy meals is to batch cook vegetables, but after a winter’s worth of roasted root vegetables, I’m ready for some spicier fare.

Another way to make it easy to whip up a healthy meal on a busy week night is to make a batch of a healthy ‘sauce’ that you can use all week on salads, vegetables and/or to flavor just about any protein.

With daffodils poking up and then getting snowed on this week, I decided go optimistic and make two sunny sauces: The Green Sauce (which his my current obsession and I’ve doused everything with it) and my friend Sylvia’s ‘Fresh Sauce.’

Fresh Sauce is essentially a fresh salsa. My friend Sylvia’s mom used to serve it to her atop chicken tacos as an after-school snack – which I do all summer long.  You’ll find that recipe on my post, Healthy Homemade Chicken Tacos.

But here’s the salsa recipe on it’s own. I’m hoping it calls in spring:

Fresh Sauce / Salsa

From my friend Sylvia's mom's chicken taco recipe, this 'fresh sauce' is a salsa that's healthy, delicious and easy to make...

  • 2 tomatoes medium-large size
  • 1 jalapeno pepper
  • 1/2 white onion
  • 1 bunch cilantro leaves to taste
  1. Jalapeno: Slice stem off one jalapeno pepper and put in a small bowl. Microwave for about 2 – 2 ½ minutes (depends on microwave – want it wrinkled but not turned black!) When done, add pinch of salt and a little water to it.

    Set aside. Note: one full jalapeno pepper will make the salsa quite spicy – if you want less spice try ½ jalapeno or ¼ jalapeno to find what taste you like. Also, one jalapeno-salsa will taste very spicy with tortilla chips, but is IMHO perfect - will not taste very spicy on tacos !

  2. TomatoCut out stems of 2 medium – large size tomatoes. Put in large/shallow bowl and microwave about 2-3 minutes: until soft but not mushy.

  3. Remove jalapeno from bowl – but keep the water/salt mixture. Dice the jalapeno and set aside (I’ve tried in blender / food processor but doesn’t work well… better by hand – just don’t touch your eyes/face until you’ve washed your hands!) 

  4. Put the diced jalapeno (with the salt and bit water it was in) into food processor or blender. Add the two tomatoes (but NOT any of the juices) and blend until it still has small and medium sized tomato chunks.

  5. Pour into bowl.  Add diced onion and cilantro to taste: I use ½ onion and a lot of cilantro. Add to bowl and mix well.  Refrigerate - the flavors blend over time and it's even better next day.

Make them both for a week of heart-healthy dinners with zipped up, spring/summer flavor.



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