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I’m delighted to announce that we have just launched a total revamp of the Going Lo-Co blog.

Beyond the new, updated graphics, we redesigned key pages to make the site far easier to use.  Here’s what’s new:

  • The RECIPES page is completely changed.  It’s now organized into food categories to make it easier to find recipes, and the last category on the page includes a few “How-To’s” that I am always searching for. I’ve already found the page far more useful when I’m in the grocery store trying to remember what I need for a recipe; I hope you find it easier to use as well.
  • The RESOURCES page has both cholesterol information as well exercise information all in one central location.
  • The COOKBOOK page (and links in the sidebar) make it easy to find my new cookbook online.
  • The PUBLISHED ARTICLES page contains links to my award-winning article published on Healthine.com, as well as links to all 71 articles I wrote for and Answers.com published in 2013-14.

Many thanks to my wonderful designer, Courtney Darling, and programmer Matt Beaumont for their immense talent and patience!


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