An Apple A Day Keeps Cholesterol At Bay

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If you don’t fancy chickpeas for breakfast (and really, why would you?) perhaps adding some apple to your daily granola is more appealing as a healthy diet change?

Though I never planned to add chickpeas to my breakfast fare, I did intend to add it to my daily diet. OK, weekly diet. Indeed, so intrigued was I to learn that chickpeas lower cholesterol (see, Don’t Like Oatmeal, Try Chickpeas!), that I decided it was a good idea to try to make my own hummus from scratch.

On Christmas Eve.

A good idea it was not.


Don’t Like Oatmeal? Try Chickpeas!

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Every morning I feel guilty as I eat my half-bagel with a smidge of whipped cream cheese and fresh lox – guilty because I know I should be eating that miracle breakfast food, oatmeal. I know oatmeal has a lot of dietary fiber, and dietary fiber reduces cholesterol. But I just don’t care for oatmeal all that much.

So imagine my surprise when I learned while researching for my article, Chickpeas Help Lower Cholesterol (who knew?!) that chickpeas have a lot of dietary fiber. And I mean A LOT.




Fast, Fancy, Fabulous Fish Dinner

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I tried to make up for a decadent, totally-not-lo-co (and absolutely fantastic) dinner at Jean Georges in NYC this Friday with a 4 mile walk around the perimeter of Central Park Saturday morning.

But in my heart, I knew that wasn’t enough.  After a weekend eating out in NYC for every meal, I decided it’d be a good idea to cook some healthy dinners this week.

My husband was shocked.  Pleased, but shocked.

Especially since on Monday I actually cooked the fish I bought – rather than my usual mojo which is to buy the fish,