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So this morning, I was feeling guilty about how very not-lo-co I’d been for the first half of this weekend. With my only child now gone off to college, we’d decided to spend at least 2 weekends a month in New York City and this was our first foray.

Friday night, we made plans to meet friends at Rouge Tomate, a health-oriented, one-star Michelin restaurant on New York’s Upper East Side. I was intrigued by Frank Bruni’s 2009 review and excited to try this new-to-me place. Overall, though, it was disappointing; we found the food expensive and precious. Or as my husband later said, ‘that was the most we’ve paid for a pretty small amount of food. And it wasn’t even great.’ In the end, I left the restaurant hungry … and that led to unhealthy munching… the exact opposite of the restaurant’s – and my – intentions.


Sadly things got worse.  I was still hungry the next morning, so after an early Starbucks run that included half a multigrain bagel, we strolled across the park (at least the day was gorgeous) and met up with a different NYC friend for brunch at Bar Boulud. Still feeling hungry (at this point, I’m not sure I can blame this on Rouge Tomate, but, um, I am), I ordered their version of eggs florentine – and I even replaced the ham with lox (though that’s because I prefer lox, not because I was being at all virtuous.)

My brunch choice might have been fine-ish, lo-co-wise if I had not eaten much of the hollandaise. But not only did I eat it, I scooped it up with a piece of bread. Very uncharacteristic of me.  Sadly delicious.

Then we trekked back to Grand Central, and since we were going to a chili-and-beer party that night we stopped at Baked By Melissa to get a 24 pack as a hostess gift (lest you think I’ve gone totally mad, these are MINI cupcakes.. one bite each!) And, well, I just had to get a 3 pack for the train ride home.

So this morning, after a 24 hour binge of far too much non-lo-co eating and the only exercise a slow walk back and forth through Central Park, I decided today would be better.  After a reasonable breakfast, we decided to clean the garage.

Which took four hours.

Feeling like I’d been run over by a train, I looked up how many calories I’d burned. Garage cleaning wasn’t listed in My Fitness Pal (read why I ADORE this fab app here), but ‘cleaning as a light, moderate effort’ was — and for four straight hours, I’d burned 548 calories for a person my size.  And let me tell you, what we did today was no ‘light effort.’ I’m not sure if what we did would count as ‘heavy, vigorous effort’ for 4 hours, but if it did, that’d be 658 calories burned.

So my garage cleaning penance burned something like 600 calories.

Who knew garage cleaning could burn so many calories?  Woot!

Of course, we then decided we’d earned a trip to Shake Shack.

Luckily, the line at 2pm on Sunday was too-too-too long, so we left and headed to a taco place where I devoured 2 fish tacos and a side of black beans.

So now all I’ve got to do is figure out how to have a lo-co dinner and I’ll be back on track.

The only problem is… that bottle of wine is calling to me…..



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