Freedom Equals Dining Out?

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Who knew that dropping off your one and only child at the airport for his freshman year of college would spark a spate of eating dinner out every night since he’s been gone.

So not lo-co.

So fun.


We dined out even though I actually drove myself across town to Stop & Shop and purchased ingredients for 2-count-em-2 dinners. (I have just now trashed the fresh kale, broccolini, and already-skewered teriyaki skewers purchased on Monday; luckily the turkey polska kielbasa will hold. Probably indefinitely. Which is a scary something I need to consider as my Hillshire Farms turkey kielbasa obsession rages on.)

On my son’s last next-to-last-night at home, we were planning to eat dinner together but chaos ensued when an emergency trip to REI was needed. I was so aggravated with him, I chose for my husband and I to run this errand – so we could then go out to dinner and avoid more packing-for-college craziness.  After filtered water bottle (critical, right?) was purchased, we then spent several hours at Fat Cat Pie in the next town over, polishing off a bottle of wine along with salad and pizza.

On his last night home, we made his current favorite meal: chimichuri steak, roasted fingerling potatoes  and broccolini sauted with garlic and soy sauce (I had the not-whole-steamed-fish instead of steak. Which ended up being my last lo-co meal all week.)

Sunday morning, we dropped him at LaGuaradia Airport and were so exhausted and emotionally drained we spent hours prone on the sofa. Then we realized we weren’t done with said child – we had to finish packing and taping the 4 huge boxes we were FedEx’ing to his dorm.  I’m not even sure we ate dinner that night.

Monday, I decided to shop so we could have some healthy dinners.

Monday at around 6pm I didn’t feel like cooking. I was still tired. And the chicken would hold until tomorrow.  So out we went out for paninis.

Tuesday, not only did I not feel like cooking, but it hit me that there was absolutely no reason for us to be home.  Eric was gone – and we had no obligations.  The boxes were at FedEx, and we were done.  Free.  Indeed, free to dine wherever our hearts desired. Mine desired chicken under a brick at The Spotted Horse where they have a lovely Super Tuscan by the glass. I had two.

Wednesday, I had the best of intentions for making that darn chicken. Didn’t happen. After a walk at the beach, we were at the other end of town so decided to go to Shake Shack. Ended up instead at Gray Goose, the sister-restaurant to The Spotted Horse. Because, um, they have the same wine list.

Thursday, not surprisingly, we went to Shake Shack. Because, well, we discussed it on Wednesday. At least I ordered the Shack Shack Bird Dog (chicken hot dog) instead of a burger. Though I ate nearly all the fries we were supposed to split. Sorry again, Michael!

Last night, there was no way I was making that now expired chicken so was planning on the turkey kielbasa when my friend Lisa called and asked if we wanted to go to Fat Cat for pizza.  I literally laughed out loud and said yes as quickly as possible.

We’re away for the next few days, so I have some time to get my act together and figure out how to get back to cooking now that we are free to not be here for dinner every night.


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