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Dining out lo-co can be a challenge – especially if you find yourself at a fast food joint. Yes, of course, you shouldn’t be there, but if you are going to dine fast-food style (and you know you are), there are some good lo-co choices.

And it’s not just salad anymore.


Last week, my son and I were finishing up our it-feels-like-1000-doctors-he-has-to-see-before-he-leaves-for-college expedition, and we had 2 appointments in one day and an hour to kill.  And it was lunchtime.  Naturally we went to Wendy’s.

Now, I was all set to order their Apple Pecan Chicken Salad, the virtues of which I wrote about in this post, I Heart My Fitness Pal.  But I’ve been eating a lot of salad lately, and I was a bit sad about the possibility of salad once again.

Suddenly, I perked up at a sign I’d never seen before advertising a Smoky Honey Mustard Flatbread Grilled Chicken Sandwich — and this pretty sandwich proudly wore a big red button proclaiming it had just 370 calories.

Must be lo-co!

I whipped out my iPhone and looked it up on My Fitness Pal (again, I love this app), and it turns out, this grilled chicken flatbread sandwich is even BETTER than the Apple Pecan Chicken Salad, lo-co wise! (And of course, far healthier than even the smallest burger.)

I gasped. My son nudged me, and hissed, “What is wrong with you?” When I showed him my phone, he rolled his eyes. But I ignored him and soldiered forward.

The details: Wendy’s grilled chicken flatbread sandwich has 30 more calories than the Wendy’s Half Apple Pecan Chicken Salad… BUT it has less fat and less cholesterol! And, to me, the chicken sandwich is far, far more satisfying than a salad for lunch.

Plus, with a burger, fries are just plain required…  whereas with the chicken sandwich (or a salad) I could get away with just swiping a few from my son and not feel, well, cheated.

Here are the stats, courtesy of My Fitness Pal:

Wendy's Lunch Options
I’m thrilled to find another fast food option — beyond the boring salad (though I will admit that Wendy’s salad is good, as salads go) — that is a decent lo-co choice.

But I am very, very sad to find out this sandwich might not  be available for very long! The Wendy’s site says this sandwich is, “At Participating Wendy’s, for a limited time.”

Please don’t take my chicken flatbread away, Wendy’s!



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