What NOT to eat on vacation

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Greetings from I-5 driving south from Seattle to Portland. We are celebrating our son’s graduation from high school with a trip to the Pacific Northwest. As someone who already eats lox every single day for breakfast, I am in foodie heaven – halibut last night and salmon for breakfast AND lunch today. Though lunch was with cheese on a croissant so that was, um, not the best lo-co meal…

But it’s better than what my son ate last night at Safeco Field where we watch the Pirates dismantle the Mariners. After a delicious (but way early bird) fish dinner he downed a basket of Fried Oreos … Good thing I was so full from dinner I was not even tempted! I’ll have to post the photo once I get to a landline – posting this as we drive our rental car… and getting carsick!



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