Going Lo-Co Turkey Chili

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A recipe for using up leftover turkey would have been better timed last week, so I will start this post with apologies.

That said, I almost never make this Turkey Chili with leftover turkey – I use ground turkey as I make it year round.

The reason I’m posting it now is that a friend emailed this morning, asking for a recipe recommendation.  Her neighbor is having some health issues and she wants to bring over a family dinner.

I can’t believe in the 2+ years I’ve been writing this blog that I’ve never before posted my go-to recipe for “bring to a friend family dish.” So here goes.

My Going Lo-Co Turkey Chili recipe, adapted from a 2003 Cooking Light recipe, is easy to make, healthy(ish,), kids love it because it’s not spicy AND I serve it with Tostitos Scoops. Plus it freezes well. All that, and you can make a double batch and have dinner for your family as well.  What more could you ask for?

The ingredient list is long but don’t be daunted – the hardest thing about this recipe is opening cans. Seriously. And usually, I don’t cook with canned veggies but for some reason it works well in this dish.

So next time you want to bring family dinner to a friend, try this Turkey Chili recipe. Bring it over along with a bag of (reduced fat) shredded cheddar, a carton of (reduced fat) sour cream, and a bag of tortilla chips.

Seriously, don’t forget the tortilla chips.



2 thoughts on “Going Lo-Co Turkey Chili

  1. This turkey chili is very tasty. My wife doesn’t like ground turkey, onions or celery, and she doesn’t even know these ingredients are in the chili. She told me yesterday, “Wow honey, this is the best batch of chili you’ve ever made!” Little did she know it’s a lower fat and more flavorful version of the beef dish I’ve made for years! 🙂

  2. So glad you enjoyed this recipe – it’s a hit with many of my friends as well.

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