Lo-Co at the airport

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So I got back in the Lo-co saddle and promptly fell off – but it wasn’t my fault. I swear.

I was felled by pneumonia. The funny thing (though let me just say there are not many funny things about pneumonia – and I had walking pneumonia – I can’t even IMAGINE how awful ‘real’ pneumonia would be!) is that eating Lo-Co while sick was a breeze.

Mostly because I didn’t eat. (Its ridiculously easy to eat Lo-Co when all you are consuming is soup). And the upshot was that I lost a few lbs.

But obviously exercise was not remotely possible.

So for most of June its been: Lo-co diet – success by default. Lo-co exercise – a big fat no.

Which has been a huge bummer because I have been ‘training’ for a bike trip vacation. Its the kind of trip where you ride about 30-40 miles a day. The kind of trip where you can’t just show up having not biked (a lot) in several weeks. Or if you do, you will suffer. A lot.

Yes, I realize some (many) of you will think this is the opposite of a vacation. But we love this trip – my husband and I go with 2 close friends and it’s an absolute blast. But I’ve never gone without logging serious bike miles for the three weeks before the trip.

So I am now sitting at JFK airport in NYC waiting for our flight to Sicily – newly acquired inhaler firmly in hand – worrying more than a little what is going to happen when I get on a bike on Sunday. My folks are staying at our home with our son while we are gone – hopefully I won’t be joining them early.

And hey – at least the pasta and wine will be great. And lo-co. And my doctor did ‘clear’ me to exercise. So maybe I’ll be fully back in the saddle when we start biking on Sunday.

My fingers (the ones not holding the inhaler) are crossed.


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