Back in the Lo-Co Saddle

After weeks of lo-co failure, victory at last.  Last night I cooked dinner for the first time in weeks (a boring chicken breast, brown rice pilaf, steamed string beans – nothing exciting but at least it was healthy.)  And today I re-started my lo-co morning routine of Metamucil followed by Centrum Cardio and Fish Oil pills.

Let the celebration begin.

It’s amazing how easily I got derailed.  It started off with just being busy – the typical end-of-school-year insanity.  Add to that my son’s HS spring sport and dinners flew out the window.  And then I ended up with pneumonia – and the only good thing I can say about that is that I lost weight.  (Though now that I’m on the upswing – 2 long weeks later – I have sadly gained it all back).

In all these weeks, I think the last thing I cooked was Toaster Oven Chicken. If I took a cholesterol test right now, I am sure I’d be horrified.

So naturally I googled ‘how long does it take to lower your cholesterol’ and found this  ‘11 Tips to Cut Your Cholesterol Fast‘ WebMD article.  Ignoring the syntax issues all around – and the ‘tip’ about medication (remember, WebMD is supported by big pharma) –  this article reminded me that what I had been doing was the right thing.

I didn’t agree with the first two tips, but here’s a recap of the things I found most useful vis-a-vis kick-starting my lo-co lifestyle:

  1. ‘Get Moving‘  Ah, exercise.  This, I need to be careful with as I’m still exhausted from the pneumonia – but we are going on a bike trip in Italy in June, so as soon as I am able to, it’s back to 2x/week spin class!
  2. ‘Avoid Saturated Fat’  Glad to learn it’s not eggs that are the big issue…
  3. ‘Eat More Fiber’  Metamucil – and veggies – here I come.
  4. ‘Go Fish’  I have re-instituted my bagel and lox for breakfast – not every day, but some days.  Life’s too short for cereal everyday and I just can’t get on board with the oatmeal thing. And, of course, now that I’m off the anti-biotic and mucinex routine, have added back my Fish Oil pills that I probably shouldn’t have stopped but that was too many pills to deal with…
  5. ‘Drink Up’ – Haven’t had wine in weeks, but looking forward to some!
  6. ‘Drink Green’ – The benefits of green tea in lowering cholesterol are new to me – something to research.
  7. ‘Eat Nuts’ – snacking on almonds reminder – had a  bag yesterday.

Wish me luck. Apparently, I need it.