Eric Ripert’s Toaster Oven Chicken

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A recipe to make chicken in a toaster oven, by renowned 4-star chef at Le Bernadin, Eric Ripert? Can you say oxymoron? But wait, there’s more. I stumbled upon this recipe in that oh-so-high-end weekly, People magazine.

Naturally, I had to try it.

Especially since I’ve been so miserable about breakfasts, now that I’m ‘off’ my bagel and lox routine. And still not happy with oatmeal.  I needed a win this week, and to my amazement, this recipe delivered.

I’m not sure why I’m so surprised – it does have Eric Ripert’s name on it. And the man is brilliant – he’d not allow a bad recipe to go out to millions in People magazine if it wasn’t good. Even if it is called Toaster Oven Chicken.

Besides being extremely easy to make (it was in People, people!) this dish was very tasty. It packed a flavor punch with little preparation. Plus, it promises to be a great summer recipe – a nice alternative to grilling that won’t heat up the whole kitchen.

While I don’t know the nutritional value, it’s clearly a great lo-co choice as the recipe is simply chicken breast with almost no fat added.

And it looks pretty.  I cooked mine in the oven because it was cold the day I made this – and I wanted to make 4 chicken breasts so I’d have some leftover for lunch.

I can’t find this recipe online anywhere (it was in 4/16 People issue), so download a PDF of the recipe here: Eric Ripert Toaster Oven Chicken.

Modifications I made to make it more lo-co (and to my taste):

  • Recipe calls for 3 TB of olive oil for just 2 chicken breasts. That struck me as a lot, so I used about half that amount.
  • I despise fennel so left it out – no loss as far as I could tell.
  • As I don’t love olives but my husband does, I used some stuffed green olives from a jar in the fridge (ok, raise your eyebrows all you want but you know you have them in your fridge too).  I sliced them and tossed the red pimento – but probably you could keep that in as well.
  • As I made this spur of the moment with chicken breasts I’d defrosted, I didn’t have fresh thyme or basil – used dried and it was fine. Am sure would be better with fresh.

Give this a try – just be sure you leave yourself about 15 minutes to mince shallots and garlic, and slice the tomatoes, fennel (gak) and green olives.  Once all the mincing/slicing is done, it takes about 2 minutes to assemble then ‘bakes’ in the toaster oven for just 10-15 minutes.

This recipe’s easy to put together on a busy weeknight – and leftovers are great as they are OR perfect for lunch in a panini.

It’s not Le Bernadin by any stretch (I’ve been, it’s amazing – go if you can).  But it is a quick, easy and delicious lo-co meal.

Traditional recipe on the Going Lo-Co Recipes page.  Visual recipe courtesy of Christine Juneau here:




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