Eric Ripert’s Toaster Oven Chicken

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A recipe to make chicken in a toaster oven, by renowned 4-star chef at Le Bernadin, Eric Ripert? Can you say oxymoron? But wait, there’s more. I stumbled upon this recipe in that oh-so-high-end weekly, People magazine.

Naturally, I had to try it.

Especially since I’ve been so miserable about breakfasts, now that I’m ‘off’ my bagel and lox routine. And still not happy with oatmeal.  I needed a win this week, and to my amazement, this recipe delivered.

I’m not sure why I’m so surprised – it does have Eric Ripert’s name on it.


Melissa Clark to the breakfast rescue?

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With much reluctance, I abandoned my usual bagel and lox breakfast this week (see Oatmeal vs Lox). I’ve been grumpy about it, but I stuck with it… all week.

The first two days I went with cereal. Special K Cinnamon Pecan Cereal, to be exact. Then I tried instant oatmeal but it was so boring I didn’t even finish a bowl. I know, I know – instant oatmeal’s terrible. But who wants to cook in the morning? So back I went to cereal.

It’s astonishing how very much I miss my warm bagel with just a smidge (never a smear) of whipped cream cheese –


RSS Subscribers Accidentally Deleted

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In my state of lox withdrawal – and general sleep depreviation – I erred today, big-time, while moving my RSS feed.  Sigh.

If you were subscribed to Going Lo-Co via an RSS feed/reader and now see a great big NADA where you used to get a headline or email, my apologies.

So sorry for the hassle, but please Re-Subscribe. (Though how you would even know about this since your RSS feed is now gone is beyond me. But hey, I’m putting this out there just in case.)

New subscription for email or RSS feed is top right…just below the ‘Follow Me’


Oatmeal vs Lox

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Calling all oatmeal lovers: what’s your favorite way to prepare oatmeal?

Ever since I admitted in my last post to ditching oatmeal and falling back into my bagel-and-lox habit, the guilt is getting to me.

Actually, all of my lo-co eating habits are out of whack. Yesterday I hit Wendy’s again while driving home from the 8th HS Baseball game in 2 weeks. Of course I had no menu planned and frankly, I was too tired from shivering in the wind for 3+ hours per game to make any.

So I decided the easiest way to get back into eating lo-co was to focus on breakfast (at least I’m now spinning 2x a week so all’s not TOTALLY lost,