Lo-Co Thanksgiving Pecan Pie

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Maybe you’re one of those people who love pie. Or maybe you’re like me and your dessert vice is chocolate but it’s Thanksgiving and you have to make/bring a pecan pie.

You could buy one. But it’ll be high in fat and cholesterol.

Instead, why not make one from a Cooking Light recipe? Big plus of this plan: you get to have some fun by not telling anyone it’s a lo-co pecan pie! Let ’em scoop on some vanilla ice cream or whipped cream, and listen to them rave about how delicious it is.

Then tell them it’s a Cooking Light recipe. That’s my plan. Works every time. And it is FUN.

OK, I’ve not ever made a pecan pie – so I’ve not yet tried my bait-and-switch plan with pie. But I have done this before with Cooking Light recipes and it always works. So I’m giving it a whirl.

Especially because I found not 1 but 2 great looking Pecan Pie recipes from Cooking Light. They look easy to make and the recipe pictures are beautiful (as IF mine would look this good…but a girl can dream). Best of all, they have HALF the calories, fat & cholesterol than a full-fat pecan pie. HALF, people!

In fact, both recipes look so good – and have similar nutritional info – that I can’t decide which to make. Should I go with Oatmeal Pecan Pie or Maple-Bourbon Pecan Pie?

The Maple-Bourbon pie is pictured above: that it has bourbon and a pretty ‘traditional Thanksgiving’ presentation certainly land it some votes. But then there’s the interesting duo of cholesterol-lowering oatmeal mixed with pecan. Doesn’t this more informal pie look delicious, too?

Both look so appealing I simply can’t choose. To decide, I launched a poll on my Goin Lo-Co Facebook page. Please vote: I’ll make the winning recipe.

Still not convinced you should give one of these 2 lower fat, lo-co recipes a try this Thanksgiving? Check out the nutritional stats of these 2 pies compared with the “Irrestible Pecan Pie” featured on allrecipes.com:

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Convinced? Not yet? Maybe you’re worried it’s Thanksgiving and you don’t want to risk things. I understand, I have in-laws too.

So here’s an idea. Instead of the plan I just suggested where you bake 1 of these pies and tell your family AFTER they love it that it’s low-fat/low cholesterol, try this instead. Bring 2 pies (1 of these lo-co recipes and 1 pie you buy) and have a taste-off. Same plan as above in that you don’t say a word up front about fat or calories – just have everyone choose their favorite.

Then after the voting is tallied, tell everyone that 1 pie is half the fat and calories. And as they say on Bravo, ‘watch what happens.’

My guess – you’ll really get the Thanksgiving table conversation flowing. Maybe some will even be thankful. Just don’t tell them that not mentioning 1 pie was low-fat was my idea. What with the pie bait & switch AND the low-fat crackers I’m also bringing to our family Thanksgiving, I’ll be in enough trouble with my in-laws already.


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