Lo-Co Thanksgiving Pecan Pie

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Maybe you’re one of those people who love pie. Or maybe you’re like me and your dessert vice is chocolate but it’s Thanksgiving and you have to make/bring a pecan pie.

You could buy one. But it’ll be high in fat and cholesterol.

Instead, why not make one from a Cooking Light recipe? Big plus of this plan: you get to have some fun by not telling anyone it’s a lo-co pecan pie! Let ’em scoop on some vanilla ice cream or whipped cream, and listen to them rave about how delicious it is.

Then tell them it’s a Cooking Light recipe. 


Do you know your non-HDL cholesterol?

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Reviewing my latest cholesterol test results with my doctor last week, she bandied about a term I’d never before heard: non-HDL cholesterol.

Here is how Discovery Fit & Health describes non-HDL cholesterol (which is VITAL to understand if you have diabetes or other cardiovascular disease risk factors). Unless you’re a doctor, don’t get too fussed about the jargon – I kept it here for those who like all the details.  If that’s not you, just skim over the jargon and keep reading and it should all make sense:

“Non-HDL cholesterol is the total of VLDL and LDL cholesterol,


Shortcut Moussaka Lo-Co Style

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On a cold day, nothing beats moussaka. There is something so satisfying about this eggplant and spiced lamb casserole topped with creamy béchamel mashed potatoes. The best I’ve ever had is at NYC’s Molyvos, where you are presented with your own private copper tureen of cinnamon-spiced heaven. It’s so delicious I won’t even share mine. Seriously, we order a second for the table.

As moussaka is decidedly NOT low cholesterol, it’s a good thing that Molyvos is 50+ miles from where I live.

That said, I miss moussaka.

So I was thrilled to see Melissa Clark’s Shortcut Moussaka recipe in the Dining Section of the 10/26/11 New York Times.