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Power restored!  More importantly, all the downed wires blocking our road were cleared, so cars (and emergency vehicles) can drive to our homes.  Woot!

Post Hurricane Irene/Power Back On To-Do List:

  • Most important, I emailed and called the Deputy Fire Chief (he gave me his card with cell phone!) to thank him for getting the street cleared – it was obvious he managed things with the power company.
  • Refrigerator Cleansing.  Should have done before power came back on but didn’t have the energy, but have now cleaned and disinfected every inch of that completely empty refrigerator.  Lemony freshness mixes well with cold air.
  • For future tepid rather than cold showers, the camp shower was dried and stored in garage.  Loved loved loved my hot shower this am.
  • Today’s project:  I will be building a shrine (ok, a box) to hold my three amazing lanterns, a mountain of D batteries and my lifeblood these past days:  my 3 new iPhone battery chargers.  They will be stored in a place of honor.  (A place of honor that is easily accessible for the next storm.)
  • Yesterdays’ phone call to a local Generator Company was unsuccessful as their ‘mailbox is full.’  LOL.  Will place the generator company in my iPhone favorites and will be redialing daily until we get an appointment.
  • Someone has to call tree guys and get the enormous tree trunks littering the side of our small street cleared away. Oh, and the snapped limbs hanging on by bark threating our roof – have to get those removed too. But with others still without power, this is a job for next week.
  • Stop going out for burgers and start planning lo-co meals again.

Thanks to my local friends for all their offers of help and use of their cars while our street was impassable with our cars (and us) trapped behind downed trees and wires.

Now that my scanner is up and running, expect the next post to be for the delicious Grilled Chile-Lime Arctic Char recipe we cooked on the grill for my birthday-in-the-dark dinner.

Off to the store to restock the fridge, and get fixings for dinner tonight.  I’m thinking a low-maintenance low cholesterol meal is in order (still exhausted after all this).  So maybe pasta with vegetables and pesto…


One thought on “Powered Up

  1. Hmmm, I think you buried the lead here. I like the way you got the burger-eating habits WAY down on your list of things to do!

    Seriously, though, why do we all tend to eat bad foods during bad times? I’m not supposed to eat sugar, but it’s the first thing I (want to) reach for when things are stressful.

    We’re going to face more storms and more stressful situations..how can we change our automatic response so that even if we have to eat out because of storms, we don’t automatically head to Burger King (you) or Crumbs (me)?

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