The Lo-Co Vacation

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So what I was hoping, while on vacation, is that I’d post about the challenges and triumphs of going lo-co on vacation.

Instead, my lo-co plan went on vacation.

Want to know what total food meltdown on vacation looks like?  Well, it starts with having Eggs Benedict TWICE.  (Apparently, I am a room service slut – thank goodness we rarely stay at wonderful places like this one in Southern California or I’d be on cholesterol meds in like 3 seconds flat).

So far on this trip, I’ve managed just 2 lo-co meal choices.  For all other meals these past 8 days I’ve made choices like these totally NOT lo-co meals:

  • Room service eggs benedict (have to list 2x as it’s such an egregious choice).  At least I ordered it with salmon instead of ham.  Though I do get that does not make up for the egg yolks PLUS hollandaise.
  • A sausage (at least it was chicken/apple!) in Venice Beach, because: a) the Jody Maroni Sausage Kingdom is famous (infamous?) and anyway, how can you not order from a place named the Sausage Kingdom?  And b) we were at Muscle Beach so nothing made any sense.
  • A shrimp dish from a Top Chef Masters restaurant in Santa Monica. Fish would have been a lower cholesterol choice but the fish dish offered didn’t appeal to me…
  • Quinoa Fritters from same Top Chef restaurant – the quinoa part is lo-co but the frying part is an obvious no-no.
  • At the way cool and totally low-key OP Cafe in Santa Monica (complete w/ skateboard dude kid eating breakfast burrito), I had the best breakfast I’ve ever had: eggs and avocado, with tomatillo sauce on flour tortillas.  This was not the kind of place you can order egg whites (or probably it is, but I didn’t).  I did ask about their oatmeal but have to say, am glad I didn’t order it as the dish I ordered was truly spectacular.
  • An apple pancake – served ONLY on Sundays – I mean how can you not order when it’s so special they only offer it once a week?  I thought this was actually a good choice (a lot of fresh apple slices) until my husband and son informed me it tasted like dessert.  Sigh.
  • Beers & wine & margaritas daily … sometimes before 5pm.
  • There’s more – lunches and dinners actually worse – but frankly, it’s all just too embarrassing to list here.

The only 2 good choices I made?   Yesterday, I attempted to recreate the fabulous OP Cafe eggs and avocado in a tortilla dish – it wan’t on the menu at our resort, but they made it for me – and this time I remembered to order egg whites.  It was good, not great – needed tomatillo sauce…

And then for lunch, I ordered a mixed green salad with strawberries and almonds – and actually, it was delicious.  Which is a lot, coming from me, the salad hater.

So that’s my eating lo-co failure.  We have jogged or played tennis every day, so that’s offsetting things a tiny bit.

And with that I’ll sign off – and go for a run.  While listening to the surf, I guess I should plan some better food choices for today.


One thought on “The Lo-Co Vacation

  1. You bring up a really interesting point here…and I would love to learn more about. Can you eat more high cholesterol foods on vacation if you are getting a lot more exercise? Like if you wanted to have something rich every single day but you did an hour of cardio every single day, would that balance things out?

    I would love to know!

    But I will say that even if you took a vacation from your diet…I really think that’s fine (and no, I did not go to med school so maybe don’t listen to me). But really, if you are strict and on a diet during vacation, what kind of vacation is that?!

    Going to a new place, I think, is all about experiencing a new cuisine (oh, and seeing the sights, etc.).

    So don’t feel too guilty!

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