A tiny glimmer of lo-co motivation

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The outpouring of support and ideas that flowed after my past 2 blog posts (and their woe-is-me theme) was inspiring and amazing.

Better watch out or I’ll whine more.

Seriously, though – I am very grateful to those who commented (check out some great ideas in the posted comments).  It was fantastic – can’t tell you how much it meant to me.  Didn’t get me all the way to motivated but it helped.  A lot.

Many thanks.

So I took the advice many of you gave, and decided to give the I-can’t-manage-to-eat-the-right-things-and-I-feel-like-I’m-failing routine a rest.

Perfectionist that I am, this began as a rather difficult challenge.  But as the alternative is to, oh, plan dinners – and that is SO not happening right now – I am working at giving myself a break.

So here goes:  big points to me, for not trekking to Wendy’s this past week!  Woot!  (Oh come on, that is SO LAME.  Really?  That counts?)  I guess, when I consider the multiple Wendy’s trips in the recent weeks past, that it does, kind of, count.

Obviously, I have not been able to let go of this feeling of food failure.  So  I decided to focus on the exercise thing – try to do something positive on that front.

Truth be told, it wasn’t so much a decision as serendipity.  Flipping through my Tivo (yes, I was eating Phish Food), I was delighted to see that Cougartown is back on!  And that inspired me to get on the elliptical…and laugh my way through a workout.

Then I backed that up with a brisk walk today.


Though I must admit – I felt badly that I didn’t run.  Walking doesn’t really feel like exercising to me.

Mental face-slap!

Even I get that my double-brisk walk (both quickly and in the cold!) is better than just lying on the sofa.  So I am officially awarding myself points – and feeling good about – having exercised for 2 consecutive days.

Even though in between, there was a pasta with gorgonzola sauce for dinner.


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