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It has become clear in the last two weeks that my sudden lack of motivation to keep at this low cholesterol ‘program’ has a bigger root cause than my mostly-positive blood test results.  Got that good-ish news a few weeks ago, and I am still not cooking dinner.

Worse, on Sunday, after picking my son up from driver’s ed, we drove TO THE NEXT TOWN to grab some Wendy’s.  The other 2 times I went to Wendy’s it was at least subliminally motivated – I’d driven by one.  But this time, we trekked there.

Sad.  Truly sad.

I don’t think that I can blame my test results for my current lack of motivation.

Maybe it’s just that this low cholesterol thing just takes so much PLANNING.  And I’m sick and tired of it.  Here’s how I feel about it at the moment (huge whining warning):

  • I’m having trouble not shouting, “I don’t expletive deleted know” when my teenage son asks what’s for dinner.
  • My husband has stopped asking about dinner – and is dialing for takeout.
  • I’m tired of oatmeal every single day.  Which is frustrating because I never got tired of a bagel and lox.  Ever.  I ate that every single morning for YEARS.

Even the comment posted by Jennifer L. with a great cookbook reco hasn’t kicked my butt into gear.  As I adore and collect cookbooks, the fact that I didn’t rush out to buy the one she recommended is alarming.

OK, this has to change.  Jennifer, thanks for your inspiring comment and cookbook recommendation.  I am off to find The 28 Day Mediterranean Diet Plan on Barnes & Noble or Amazon.


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  1. Wait…bagels and lox is bad for you? I’ve always looked at lox as jewish sushi and everyone know that sushi is good for you, as long as you keep away from anything that has that certain glow in the dark quality about it.

  2. Don’t give up or give in….just cut yourself some slack. You’ve been so inspiring to others! Allow yourself a slip up once in awhile!!!! I once heard if we try and eat “good” 80% of the time then we are on the right track!! NOBODY can follow a totally low cholesterol diet all the time. I agree with you about the planning….it takes time but I’ve heard that eventually it becomes second nature! Can you make more than one meal at a time so that the prep work is ready for the next day? Here’s my example: I frequently alternate between Mexican/Chinese/Italian….using similar ingredients so sometimes I will prep for more than one meal then it is ready to go for the next day. Here’s my “recipe”………Slice a whole bunch of vegetables (peppers, celery, carrots, mushrooms, zucchini, etc. etc. then divide into containers for each day) The type can vary with whichever nationality you are making, but I use most of them in all my stuff. Saute them in a pan with a little olive oil. Add your meat (chicken, pork, shrimp, occasionally beef)…..I usually do the meat first then add the veggies. Add your seasoning based on whichever ethnic cuisine you are serving……a dry packet of taco seasoning or cumin and cilantro if it’s mexican. Italian blend or basil and garlic if its Italian, Stir Fry sauce if it’s chinese. Your “sides” will vary with the nationality…make some pasta with the Italian, some rice when it’s chinese, and some beans and tortillas for when it’s mexican (fajitas). Each of these meals takes me less than 20 minutes…..especially if I use the convenience of those 90 second rices. When you prep the veggies ahead of time and use boneless skinless chicken breasts, it really goes fast. About once a week I do mine “meatless” and just serve all the seasoned veggies over a bed of pasta or rice. I serve hubby’s meat on the side for him and we’re both happy. So….just so you don’t think I am some “food police” or a health nut, as I’m writing this, my husband is heating up pepperoni and sausage pizza for us for dinner tonight….I have had a long day and just got home. BUT…..It’s the 80% rule, and it’s a lifestyle NOT just a single meal that is going to change my cholesterol. Keep up the great work!!!

  3. LOL – it’s not that bagels and lox are bad… it’s just that to get the cholesterol-lowering oatemal + apple + almonds + flax seed needed every day, I’ve had to replace the delish bagel with lox with steel cut oatmeal!

  4. Karin, thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to comment. What you wrote was really inspiring to me – and love your way of prepping for multiple meals at once. I will definitely give your system a try – and your comment about the ‘food police or health nut’ literally made me LOL. I really needed a boost – so can’t thank you enough for taking the time to give me this feedback and your fantastic suggestions! -karen

  5. Falling off the wagon is no big deal. And it’s spring! Time for lots of veggies and good healthy food that will make it easier! I made quinoa and zucchini casserole last night and it was pretty yummy. And tho I don’t have cholesterol issues, I have oatmeal most mornings and hear you on the boring thing. So sometimes I use quinoa or millet instead, which may not lower it but you still add all the other stuff–or bake the oatmeal with fruit in a big pan and cut it into bars for the morning. I know—I’m a wild woman.

  6. Karen: Just try the reverse psychology thing… Don’t dwell on it that much — you can only do so much… But if somethings are completely off limits don’t even go in the Wendy’s even if your son wants to go…(I think it’s kind of like the alchoholic thing for Wendys’ addictions — don’t put yourself in the situation — at least for now! Make him eat it in the store 🙂 as sharing the french fries could be too tempting…) And find some snacks that you like that are on your “allowed” plan and eat a lot of them often so you’re not hungry. Focus on the positives — the things you like to eat. It will take a strict 2 weeks of agony, but then you’ll get over those cravings — I’m thinking positively for you…

  7. Karen,

    I don’t blame you for being tired of the oatmeal every single morning. Can’t you try to some different things to top your oatmeal? And while I’m on the topic, I’m sure you could vary your routine a tiny bit. How about a multigrain bagel with your lox and some neufchatel cheese? Seriously…life is too short to eat oatmeal every single day. Sorry, Mr. Ben F. on the barrel…

    Not to play devil’s advocate, but I can’t help think about the expression–everything in moderation. If you are denying yourself the things that you love–the trip to Burger King, the Phish Food, you’re only going to end up resenting this diet and

    Also, in reference to your mercury issue…at the Organic Market in Westport, they have purified fish oil gummy treats (for adults!). It’s like eating candy that’s good for you. Too bad you only get to eat two a day. They are yum!

    Karen, thank you for being so honest about what you’re going through. We’re all dealing with different health things each day, and we’re all succeeding some, failing some…but maybe not fessing up quite as honestly as you are.

    Keep up the interesting, heartfelt posts. I love reading them.

  8. Karen,
    This relates more to a previous entry re fish oil: I always hated taking those pills because not only are they big but you generally have to take three at a time 2X a day. Instead, I have been turned on to liquid fish oil and take 1 tablespoon once a day. It doesn’t taste bad at all (comes lemon flavored and is just a little oily) and goes down a lot easier and quicker with the same benefit. The brand that was recommended to me is Carlson and I get it at Whole Foods. Maybe you could try that.

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