Downward Dog Bit Me

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I bit the yoga bullet this week, fully expecting to quickly feel the benefits of all that balancing and stretching on my over-tight achilles, calves and hamstrings.

Instead, downward dog bit me.

Let me start by saying how embarrassing it is to get hurt doing yoga.  Especially since I’m a good athlete…and I’ve done yoga before.  I mean, I’m no pro or anything and it’s been years since I’ve ‘graced’ any yoga studio with my presence, but I do know the basics.  And it’s not inherently dangerous like tennis (last week a friend got hit in the face with the ball.)  So while my legs felt great after the yoga class, the fact that downward dog did something awful to my bicep/tricep/shoulder was surprising and frustrating.

Worst of all, I had to cancel tennis the next day. Because of course it was my right arm, my tennis arm, that was dissed by yoga.

So now, my only option for the exercise portion of my lo-co lifestyle is the elliptical.

And we all know how that’s going.

Truth be told, my elliptical desire is even lower than previously reported because I just finished the last episode of the 1st season of  ‘Cougartown.’  This was a show I was surprised and pleased to find is LOL funny – and it provided a glimmer of desire to get on the elliptical.

I guess I could open the Mad Men season 1 DVD I got for Christmas, and get my butt in gear.

Or I could break out the Phish Food until my arm/shoulder is better.


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