Delightfully Easy and Delicious – Salmon Asparagus Orzo “Salad”

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With my eating habits in the doldrums, I needed inspiration…and found it in the March issue of Cooking Light.  After spending a half-hour paging then surfing, I stumbled upon this recipe – then headed right to the store.  Turns out, it was so good that my son actually ASKED to try some!

Even though I don’t really like cooked salmon, I found this recipe delicious as well as low-fat & low cholesterol.  Plus, it’s easy & a nice change from the ‘heavy’ one-pot recipes I’ve been trying (not posted because I haven’t liked a lot of them!)  In truth, this recipe is probably more suited to summer, but I found the lemon-freshness and roasting/baking involved with this dish – along with its lemon dressing – a great pick-me-up in this frigid CT weather.

You can find the original recipe on Cooking Light’s site.

But I made a few adjustments for how I like to cook.  You can download a PDF of the recipe the changes I made here:  SalmonAsparagusOrzoSaladLemonDillVinaigrette-Modified.  What’d I do?  Well…

  • Since I detest boiled asparagus I roasted the asparagus instead.  So much better.  Plus I just used one ‘bunch’ and have no idea if that was close to the ‘1 lb’ called for in the recipe.
  • As well,  I don’t broil, EVER… it freaks me out. So I baked the salmon instead of broiling, following the same instructions as in the Maple Glazed Arctic Char recipe.
  • I also used far less salmon than called for – mostly because I hadn’t written down the amount of fish needed when I went shopping.  Also because I really don’t like cooked salmon, but figured I should not try another fish until I tried it this way!
  • As well, my salmon fillet had skin on one side – but no problem, just bake it skin-side down, then when it’s done, the skin slides right off.

So give this one a try – I will definitely be making it again (and it was GREAT for lunch!)


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